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M360 Clinical Fitness
Full Circle Metabolic Training

Components of Lifestyle

Dr. Potzler on  importance of Biomarkers

M360 was inspired by the late Dr. Mark Potzler in 2006 when I interviewed him for our local Therafit Television Show.


Keep in mind that over $2.9 trillion dollars of our total $3.2 Trillion dollar annual healthcare is spent on preventable, often reversible  Chronic Disease, or chronic conditions that are purely driven by lifestyle decisions we all make everyday.

Our health is BIOMARKER DRIVEN, it all comes down to how well we manage select biomarkers that we have control of. I call these markers - Components of our Lifestyle we need to address each day.


What is driving your health?



The primary objective of M360 is to lower your levels of:


Oxidation and Inflammation.  

M360 will do this by targeting and documenting:


  1. Active Post Exercise Recovery Rates (PERR)

  2. Day to Day recovery by improved heart rate variability (HRV) 

  3. Improved Parasympathetic Activation (relaxation response)

  4. Improved Strength to Weight Ratio performance by body mass.

  5. Improved diet by improved nutrition specific to lifestyle stress.

  6. lower resting heart rates by employing stress management tools.

M360 is your comprehensive program to completely change your health and performance landscape.  Lower fasting blood glucose readings, lower c-reactive protein and with it less joint pain, more mobility and  healthier mitochondrial function.


M360 Clinical Fitness  will improve your ability to utilize stored body fat as energy and not only double your energy capacity, but also reduce your ratio of fat to lean mass, lowering your body fat and optimizing your healthy body weight.

What is your sustainable health and performance worth?



M360 is: Metabolic Fitness for Life! 


Metabolic Fitness for Life


The terms Lifestyle, Exercise, Diet, and Stress Management have been twisted with hype and misinformation, leaving well-intended people confused and discouraged.

We are here to help you, and your healthcare provider, get onto the right track of optimizing your health. Our unique program is simple and driven by measurable biomarkers that are critical to your wellness. 


Our books, workbooks, blog’s, seminars, podcasts, and brick and mortar programs are here for you, not just 3-hours a week at a workout, we are here to help you account for the other 165 hours of your week! Most programs address 2-3 hours of your week, we address all 168! Find Podcast at "Power 2 Learn" on iTunes, Google Play or Podbean.

M360 starts with a visit to your healthcare provider/doctor/NP and the opportunity to read our book, listen to our podcast, visit our blog , attend our seminars, or even join one of our all-inclusive 8-12-week BLOCK's:

  • 12-Week Training Blocks offer total immersion into select components of lifestyle with the objective to lower oxidation, inflammation and improve each of 10- targeted biomarkers. Classes are done in small groups of 6 -like minded people.

  • 10-Specific Biomarkers will be documented and targeted for optimization with your healthcare provider: 

  1. hs-CRP

  2. Insulin Resistance

  3. Triglycerides 

  4. HDL-C

  5. Blood Pressure

  6. PERR - Post Exercise Recovery Rate

  7. STWR- Strength to Weight Ratio

  8. HRV - Heart Rate Variability 

  9. Lean Mass

  10. Fat Mass

  • Each 12 week block consists of 15- Modalities of Lifestyle Changing sessions targeting diet, exercise, and stress management activities, for sustained metabolic success.

  • We begin, and end each “12 Week Block” with a visit to your Healthcare provider to document targets and verify improvement to all 10-Specific Bio-markers of your health.

Again we execute our “Lifestyle Blocks” in small groups of 6- people, in 15 modalities over 12- weeks.


#M360 does NOT offer “Mindless Workouts, with NO Targeted Bio Marker  adaptations”.  At just $11.50-$15 dollars per hour M360 is the greatest healthcare value on earth.  More can be done here to improve your health than any other venue of Health, Wellness and Fitness. 


We address 168 hours of your week, not just a workout program. We are a true clinically documentable  #lifestyle program. "Clinical" simply means "treatment vs. theory".  We treat your metabolic function in everything we do!

We target #Metabolic Fitness for Life, from sleep- to meal preparation- to sustained knowledge of your own mindset and how to carry on without any program at all.


We are here to put ourselves out of business!

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