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Dr. Mark Potzler

Framework of a Healthy Metabolism

What is your definition of lifestyle?  

Defined According to Webster’s Dictionary:

“Way of life by a person or group of persons".

Australian physiologist Alfred Alder introduced the term “Lifestyle” with the meaning of "A Persons Basic character as established earlier in childhood".


Lifestyle is the way in which person lives. Lifestyle is a composition of motivations, needs, and wants that are influence by factors such as:

  • Culture

  • Family

  • Reference group

  • Social class

What have we taught ourselves and what are we teaching our kids about a metabolically -healthy lifestyle?

Does your Lifestyle FEEL GOOD?

Here is why we started our 360 program: In honor of our deceased friend Dr. Mark Potzler - Picture this scenario: Patient goes to healthcare provider and asks Dr Potzler:



"How can I improve my health and get off of these medications"?

The doctor says:

“Change your lifestyle, diet, start exercising, and reduce stress”,


  • What exactly does that mean specifically?

  • What should I do the patient ask”? 

  • What do you do? 

  • How do you address the maintenance of your Health and Performance?

  • Is my Doctor the right person to be asking about a Fitness Program?

  • What are my options locally, health coach, the YMCA, Crusher’s Cross Fit?

  • Will lifting weights and flexing help my health issues?

  • Will “Whoop Whoop you Go Girl” cycling instructors lower my blood pressure?


The problem with this scenario, is the patient population, does not know what to do. 


The healthcare providers do a great job of treating infectious disease, but not at treating Chronic Conditions that lead to Chronic Disease that represent the BULK of our annual USA Healthcare costs (over $2.9 trillion Dollars of $3.2 trillion total) 360 is a comprehensive program for you to learn by book, workbook, podcast, email, face book, blog and by actual seminars and programs you can attend. 


You can do 360 alone or with as much of our help as you choose to solicit. We will be there for you by every means of communication possible!

#Lifestyle is how you arrange your day, week, month and year, when you go to bed, when you wake up, when you eat, when you work, when you exercise? Together this makes for how you spend 168 hours a week. 

How do you spend your 168 hours a week/360 a year?

What is the STRUCTURE of your LIFE?  This is your Lifestyle!

168 hrs a week: Sleep 56 hours, Work 56 hours, Family 14 hours,

Exercise 14 Hours, Eat 14 hours, and Personal 14 hours?

We ask a simple question:


Do the Components of Your Lifestyle support your metabolic health and fitness in a sustainable way, for life?


#Human Energy Metabolism

We need to recognize first and foremost that our Human Metabolism is the source of LIFE in our species.

The very word #Metabolism is from the Greek Metabole meaning “Change”. 


Everything we breathe and consume is processed by our metabolism to generate and regenerate life!

The sole goal of our program is to get our population to understand the basics of the human Metabolism and how our #bodies generate energy.

The Generation of LIFE!

What is  the state of your:

 #Mitochondrial Health?

Mitochondria are the power plants of the human cell. 168 will improve your health one cell at a time, in fact- your health is how well you function as a human being at the: #Cellular Level.

Mitochondria are continuously producing ATP Adenosine triphosphate, producing a research estimated 110 pounds of ATP every single day. 


Every cell of your body needs a continuous supply of energy 24/7.  To simplify my point there are two major biological processes needed to meet energy requirements: 

Eating and Breathing. 


What you eat, how often you eat, and how efficient you breathe are huge factors of your health you, have more control over than you may know.

The purpose of this program is to get you to dig deeper into the simple routines you can adopt in your life to bring enormous change to the quality of your #Lifestyle. 

Chronic Inflammation & Oxidative Stress = Chronic Disease.

Are the cells of your body:

Chronically Inflamed? 

#1 feature and benefit of our program is we will target Oxidation and Inflammation at ever level of Lifestyle, Exercise, Diet and Stress Management.


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