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Time to Transition your Metabolic Life

Updated: Feb 15, 2018

How well do you wish to be associated with disease, illnesses, and death? There are steps you can take starting with your next breath that can dramatically affect your life. Would you like to live a healthy happy active lifestyle?

The first thing you must do is to identify and define the specific components that you wish to make part of your day, in a sustainable way. Components like physical activity, exercise, proper diet nutrition and stress management. 360 is simply short for metabolic fitness for life, a Full Circle of Life. The objective of this book and our programs are to help you identify just a few sustainable components that you can consistently act upon each and every day to optimize your health and human performance.

Our program, workbooks, web sites, podcasts are designed to assist you in executing more meaningful physical activity, exercise, a more robust and functional diet with nutrition that matches the activities of your life. Stress management is a key component to help you recover from what life throws at you as well as the physical activities and exercise that you engage in.

With only 24 hours in a day there are only 168 hours a week, assuming we sleep 8 hours per day, that leaves us 16 hours to design a more healthy and effective lifestyle. Prime objective of our program is to increase your function and reduce your stress. We will define function, it may be increased vitality, or flat out increased strength and power and athletic performance, and regardless everything we do will target metabolic health.

Here is your assignment for your next 24 hours. Pick a day where what I give you will work and execute it as best you can.

1) Lifestyle Schematic (Section 1 of our Book): You must be done eating the following dinner by 6-pm to initiate this sample day of metabolic transformation. You will also go to bed NO later than 10 pm and wake NO later than 6 am.

a. Dinner Salad: 1 Avocado, Salad of your choice to include 2 cups -Spring Mix, ¼ cup Walnuts, ¼ cup Roasted Sunflower Seeds, ¼ cup pumpkin seeds, Sliced Tomato the reddest Roma or Campari Tomato you can find mixed into salad with 1/2 chopped English Cucumber all mixed together with your favorite Oil Based Salad Dressing that is low in Carbohydrate less than 2 gram per serving. Use all the Ground Black Pepper you need with any Olive Oil or Avocado Oil you need. Drink an 8oz glass of Beet Juice and chase down a supplement of vitamin C, E and Omega 3 as you enjoy your feast.

b. Dinner Protein: 8 ounce serving of your favorite Grass Fed Organic Ground Beef. I make meatballs in Bone Broth with tablespoon each- of freshly chopped: Garlic, Turmeric and Ginger that you have peeled and mixed in with a little Olive Oil and I also grind about a ¼ cup of Golden Flax Seed and mix into the Ground Beef Meat Balls. Brown them and reduce heat to medium as they cook in about a cup or 2 of Bone Broth till cooked through. Use plenty of fresh ground black pepper and any Olive or Avocado oil you need.

c. Dinner Desert: I rinse a ½ cup of Fresh Blueberries and Slice a well washed Granny Smith apple small slivers. Mix both into a little side bowl and nipple as you please before during and after the Salad and Protein.

d. Time Restricted Eating: TRE simply means you spread out your eating a give you metabolism a chance to PERFORM! With the Meal done by 6 pm you are now going to refrain from eating until at least Noon the next day or hopefully 6 pm for a full 24 hour intermittent fast (IF).

2) Exercise (Section 2 of our Book): You will Wake no Later than 6 am in a 12 hour fasted state. You will now perform the following in an UNFED/ FASTED METABOLIC STATE with massive enthusiasm! Do the Following 1- hour training session:


Bike or Treadmill Indoor or Ride or Run outside a total of 20 minutes done as follows:

Section 1:

  • 5’@ 65% mhr, 5’@70% mhr, 5’@75%mhr,5’@80%mhr note: all in one 20 min performance transition as smooth as possible from one intensity to the other.

Section 2: Resistance Training Dumbbells and or Olympic Weights you have 10 minutes to do:

  • Chest press 12 x 50% 1 rep estimated max* Dumbbell Row 12 x 50% r/l, Shoulder press 12 x 50%, Bicep Concentric Curl 50% r/l, 2 handed triceps extension overhead x 50% and end 10 minute sequence with a 1’ plank


Section 3: Bike or Treadmill Indoor or Ride or Run outside a total of 20 minutes;

  • 5’@ 70% mhr, 5’@75% mhr, 5’@80%mhr,5’@85%mhr note: all in one 20 min performance transition as smooth as possible from one intensity to the other.

Section 4: Resistance Training Dumbbells and or Olympic Weights you have 10 minutes to do:

  • Chest press 12 x 70% 1 rep estimated max* Dumbbell Row 12 x 70% r/l, Shoulder press 12 x 70%, Bicep Concentric Curl 70% r/l, 2 handed triceps extension overhead x 70% and end 10 minute sequence with a 2’ plank

CONGRATULATIONS * note on 1-Rep Max: Defined as the maximum weight you can do for this exercise by body part only once. Example I can bench press 225pounds 1 time, so my 50% wt is 115 rounding up for sake of practicality and 70% or 160 also rounding up, but done 12 reps. If weight is too heavy for 12 reps do as many as you can.

3) There you GO you just got 2 of the 4 Sections of our book and program in a tiny vision of what we do. Now you must know that the foods you ate supported what you did. WE call it Feeding the Need.

a. You performed 3 levels of workload

  1. FFA Free Fatty Acid Utilization from % of time spent exercising under 75% of MHR and you doubled even tripled your Fat Utilization by doing this session on an empty stomach in an UNFED Metabolic STATE. Your body was burning, rather oxidizing, by use of Beta Oxidation, utilizing your stores of BODY FAT or Adiposity for Fuel. This is how enhanced and improve your FAT METABOLISM to become more and more FAT ADAPTED. Simple becoming efficient at utilizing the wonderful stores of FUEL we have all over our body. As we do this over time we will reach an Optimum Composition of Fat to Lean and not only LOOK GREAT, but more importantly PERFORM and FEEL GREAT with endless POWER- VITALITY- and FUNCTION.

  2. ATP- Aerobic Transition Point Training – All your work between 75% and 85% pinpoint your output or power/capacity at your Aerobic Capacity. Remember this is critical as you ability to Inhale/Uptake and Utilize/Transfer OXYGEN in and GAS cO2 Out of the body. Remember the importance of Exhaling.

  3. Finally you touched on your Anaerobic System: The work you did for brief moments of time above 85% intensity will help your Aerobic System to raise the bar on how long and how hard you can sustain effort at your Aerobic Capacity just below your Lactate Threshold (LT). What we call ATP.

  4. The Weight Session you did will start to build and improve your Strength to Weight Ratio and increase the density of your bone, as well as increase general mobility of each body part. It is critical to start at a conservative 50% of 1 rep max by body part as we peel the onion of your true potential and learn as we go so we never damage connective tissue or cause joint issues.

Now take time at 12 noon or hopefully 6 pm and repeat a meal like the one we started with. You now have done your metabolism a favor. You fed it delicious FUNCTIONAL nutrients.

a. Grass Fed Beef

b. Garlic

c. Turmeric

d. Ginger

e. Olive Oil

f. Avocado

g. Greens

h. Nuts

i. Seeds

j. Blueberries

k. Apples

l. Pepper

m. Beet Juice

n. Vitamin C, E and Omega 3

Perform it and report back to Me with any Questions at

��� Note the Power in Watts or Speed/ Pace you could average at each level as well as weight lifted at 50 and 70% of 1 rep max. These are the Metrics we will improve and blow out of the WATER as you transform into a Fat Burning, Lean, Powerhouse of Power- Vitality-Function and Most of all......... LIFE. Metabolically Fit for Life.

Now Simply get plenty of water, try lemon water and unsweetened Organic Green Tea till Noon or go for it and put your next meal at 6 pm and celebrate a 24 hour Fast that your metabolism will love you for. Simple Repeat as many as 3 times a week and DON"T Count Calories. You will be AMAZING as you learn. Remember this is just a PEEK at what we can do together.

Take time to LISTEN to our PODCAST on this topic! Google Play or iTunes Power 2 Learn

The Super foods you Eat will support the Super Activities you do!!

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