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Why taking action creates success

You can change the landscape of your health and fitness starting with your very next breath.

Learning to Relax, Concentrate & Exhale:

Training the mind is much different than most people imagine it to be. In a nutshell people try too hard to achieve some sort of Nirvana, fall short and quit trying. This is often the product of Too Much Expectation.

Don’t let expectations get in the way of process! Most people think they have to stop thoughts or eliminate feelings and emotions, to get into some higher state, but that will only get in your way.

The easiest way to think of active meditation is to picture clouds in a blue sky just drifting by, like the thoughts and feelings drift through your mind. Let them go, relax, use your power to exhale and bring your attention to your breathing. I would add a smile; it is amazing what a smile will do. Improving your mindset is about learning to change your relationship with thoughts and feelings. Just like the entire point of our book 168 is for you to change your relationship with your lifestyle, diet, exercise, and activity. Learn new ways of dealing with minute to minute choices.

  • Smile instead of frowning,

  • Eat a nutritious food rather than submit to a craving.

  • Respect yourself, rather than walk around loathing your decisions.

As you gain perspective on your lifestyle and it’s components you will naturally gain a stronger sense of calm. This is what I would refer to as becoming empowered to get more out of life.

Focus on tangible components of your lifestyle you have right in front of you, RIGHT NOW. Remember our podcast @ Power 2 Learn and section 3 on breathing?

Do you utilize the Power of Breathing in your Day to Day Quest for better health?

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