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Vascular Tone?

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

How is your Vascular Tone?

The vascular tone of blood vessels and arteries determine how hard the heart has to work to pump blood throughout the body. When there is no resistance from blood vessels, the heart is able to pump smoothly, reducing the risk of heart disease. The higher the resistance from blood vessels, the harder the heart has to pump, the higher the risk of heart disease.

How hard is your Heart Working?

Polyphenols have beneficial effects that limit platelet adhesion and aggregation that can precipitate acute coronary syndromes after plaque rupture. Overall diet will also influence the effects of risk factors on VEC function.

Studies have shown that vascular endothelial dysfunction is associated with an increased risk of Coronary Artery Disease events. Many interventions known to reduce CAD risk have the ability to reverse endothelial dysfunction.

Proper Exercise and Nutrition Supports Optimal Vascular Tone

Autopsy and angiographic studies performed in athletes and physically fit individuals suggest that physical conditioning induces an increase in arterial cross sectional area, also referred to as “arterial remodeling”. Moderate Intensity Exercise of longer Durations- involving the largest Muscle Mass as in activities like:

· Swimming

· Running

· Cycling

· Paddling

· Walking

· Full Body Functional Resistance Training and Yoga

Are you Ready for a Arterial Remodel?

M360 exercise training improves endothelial function by up regulating Nitric Oxide improving protein expression and increasing phosphorylation of enzymes. In simple terms blood flows easier in and out of the heart as well as in and out of all tissue of the body to support increased Power- Vitality and Function.

Arteries in health and disease

The endothelium is the innermost of the artery's three layers. It produces nitric oxide, which helps keep the artery open and healthy. Plaques have the opposite effect.

Endothelial cells have a crucial role in vascular health, and exercise has an important effect on endothelial cells. If all the endothelial cells in your body were placed side by side, they would cover a football field; together, they weigh more than three pounds. Among other things, endothelial cells produce nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide has two crucial functions.

  • It keeps the arterial lining smooth and slippery, preventing white blood cells and platelets from latching on and causing damaging inflammation and artery-blocking blood clots.

  • In addition, it relaxes the smooth muscle cells of the artery wall's middle layer, preventing spasms and keeping arteries open.

Findings suggest that vascular endothelial function can be optimized with lifestyle interventions which can prevent and treat coronary artery disease. M360 is a simple program that targets and addresses risk factors focusing efforts at every level of life- to optimize all the functions of our body- and help our metabolism out, pretty simple!

Are You Ready to have some Blood Tests?

M360 Blood Test Bio Markers for Total Health and Performance:

1. hs -CRP:

2. HDL-C:

3. Triglycerides:

4. Insulin Resistance:

Remember the Top 3- Chronic Diseases that are killing us?

  • One of the best ways to live a longer and better life is to reduce your likelihood of dying from heart disease.

If we could eliminate heart disease tomorrow, the average life expectancy of every American would increase by an estimated ten (10) years. Although mortality from heart disease has decreased due to medical advances, the incidence of heart disease is on the rise.

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